Love Island’s Montana Brown hospitalised due to ‘reduced foetal movement’

Montana Brown has opened up about a recent scary incident which involved her being hospitalised. 

The former Love Island star, who revealed she was expecting her first child back in December, had ‘reduced foetal movements’, meaning she couldn't feel her baby moving as she normally would. 

Erring on the side of caution, Montana headed to hospital and has now shared an update with her 1.2M Instagram followers. 


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Speaking on her Instagram Stories, the 27-year-old explained, “Hi everyone, sorry I've been so MIA. I haven't got back to anybody”.

“We have had a little bit of a week with reduced foetal movement, so we were like, ‘Oh my god we need to go and just get this checked out”.

“And obviously, our main thought was just that it's probably nothing sinister - just wanted to be safe”.

Montana continued, “I'm so glad that we actually ended up changing hospitals so it's more local, so it's our nearest hospital, like 25 minutes”.


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“So, we were in triage. They did that little heart rate monitor thing… but that monitors the heartbeat over like 30 minutes, so we did that twice”.

“Everything looked fine. We then had an ultrasound. Again, baby was moving, but just like kind-of in a weird position and so we're also having some extra tests done. I just feel so much better”.

In the caption, the former reality TV reflected on the NHS staff that helped her while she was in hospital.

“NHS had such a lovely team at our hospital. Feel so bad as obviously v understaffed. We were there Tuesday from 10:15pm - 2:45am. We went back yesterday and the midwives, doctors and sonographers were so helpful”.

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She added, “Baby's tummy looked on the small side so we're going back for a growth scan and potentially another test if we get a call today from foetal medicine”.

“I felt a bit bad at the start for going in so much but I think it's important to go with your gut and be over cautious”.

Montana announced she was expecting a baby boy with her partner Mark O’Connor with a sweet gender reveal video last week. The mum-to-be was surrounded by loved ones as she popped a balloon that released blue confetti into the air.