A mid pregnancy ultrasound usually happens around 20 weeks into your pregnancy. During this ultrasound, your doctor will be checking on your baby’s development, his or her heartbeat, and taking measurements, to make sure that your baby is growing properly.  If your baby is very large, or very small, during this ultrasound, it’s not uncommon for your doctor to give you a new due date.
The ultrasound is much like the others you’ve had, but, aside from assuring you that your baby is developing properly, there’s also another exciting development – you will be able to see what your baby looks like! Usually, you will get printed pictures of your baby, that you can show your friends and family – particularly nice if you have a 3D or 4D scan! This is also the scan where the doctor or nurse will be able to tell whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl – unless your baby’s arm or leg is in the way. So if you’re planning to find out what gender your baby is going to be, this is when you’ll do that.