Millie Mackintosh on the struggle to feel confident during pregnancy

Millie Mackintosh has opened up about losing confidence during her pregnancy. The mum-to-be is expecting her first child with husband Hugo Taylor, but admitted that there have been difficult moments during her pregnancy.

“As my bump gets bigger I am in total awe of what my body is capable of. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you’re sharing your space with such precious cargo. However that doesn’t mean that I haven’t had days/weeks where I felt my self confidence slowly dwindling!” she admitted.


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Millie opened up about the struggles she faced from her first to second trimester. The former Made In Chelsea star said she was unsure of her body’s new shape. “It’s like being an awkward teenager again, figuring out what styles suit your ever evolving silhouette.”


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She continued, “To say I have loved every second of watching my body expand wouldn’t be honest, it has been a real transition and at times scary as I haven’t felt like me.”


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“But today was a good day! I put on a cute dress (stretchy knit of course) and headed out the door for meetings with confidence and pride of my bump! Tomorrow who knows....... taking each day as it comes!” she shared.

Millie is 23 weeks pregnant which means her little girl will arrive in the springtime. We love how honest she is about her journey to motherhood.