Millie Mackintosh opens up about pregnancy struggles

Millie Mackintosh shared a refreshingly honest post about her life as she enters the final weeks of her pregnancy. 

The socialite is expecting a baby girl with husband and Made In Chelsea star Hugo Taylor. In a raw post, Millie notes that it isn’t all a bed of roses and Instagram worthy photos – behind the scenes she has a leaky bladder, sugar cravings and carpel tunnel syndrome. She wrote: “I wanted to be honest about my experience in recent weeks."

She notes that there is a lot of beauty surrounding pregnancy and the miracle that is having a baby.  But that it comes at a cost. “The baby is currently on my bladder making me feel like I need to pee all the time and don’t get me started on the 4-5 visits to the loo throughout the night!”

However, her least favourite issue has been Carpel Tunnel Syndrome “which causes tingling, pain and swelling in my hands and wrists”.

She added, "I’ve got out of control cravings for sugary cereal and can’t get enough crushed ice with fizzy water and fruit juice, which doesn't bode well with the baby currently using my bladder as a trampoline."


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She does note though that being stuck at home is a blessing as she is getting in afternoon naps, gentle exercise, meditation and reading. She has continued to exercise through her pregnancy working with Body by Simone doing prenatal home workouts in preparation for my baby girl’s arrival. 

"Time at home has been such a blessing in all this, I schedule in afternoon naps, gentle exercise, meditation, cooking and reading, and every time that I’m greeted with an uncomfortable symptom, I’m also met with a wave of excitement to meet our baby girl."

If we’ve learned anything, its to make the most of pregnancy time for baby no.1 as you'll never have this time again.