Your child’s teenage years can bring their fair share of issues, particularly when it comes to self-esteem, and one mum in the US has handled this in a very unusual way.


Mum Debbi Kramer has defended her decision to allow her 15-year-old daughter Allison get plastic surgery on her nose after years of taunting and bullying.


Telling The Stir that the “big nose dilemma” had been passed down through the family through generations, Debbie knew that Allison wasn’t about to get over her unhappiness with her appearance anytime soon.


Opening up on some of the cruel abuse her daughter had suffered over her appearance, Debbi revealed that she had been called “potato nose” and “Pinocchio” since she was just 12 years old.


“No one ever tried to physically harm her but it was mental abuse. Puberty is rough anyway and this just added to it. I knew she wouldn’t grow out of this situation,” Debbi said.



So, after saving up and taking funds from the family’s saving account, Debbi and her husband gave Allison the green light to go and get the surgery.


Debbi went on to reveal that the surgery has transformed Allison’s life, describing it as ‘life-changing’.


What are your thoughts on Debbi and Allison’s decision?