Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.
We want all our mums to know that no matter how bad things seem or how dark the days get, there is always a way out. There is always someone who is willing to offer help.
Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, hopelessness – these are not weaknesses. Having these feelings doesn’t mean you’re not strong; it doesn’t mean you’re a bad mum. It just means you’re human.
Life can be hard and no one can handle the tough times alone.
If you’re feeling down, don’t bottle it up. Reach out to the people in your life who love you, who want to help. Talk to them. Talk about your worries, fears and anxieties and let people help you through them.
There is absolutely no shame in struggling with the pressures in your life.
If you don’t feel like you can talk to the people you know, there are always other options. Aware is a wonderful support for people suffering from depression and have helped many people over the years.
Similarly if you’re worried about someone in your life, like a husband, sibling or child, talk to them. Let them know they have your support and that they’re not weak for feeling the way they do.
Depression is a very common condition which affects more than 450,000 people in Ireland at any one time. 
Just remember that you are never alone.