Here's one for the cynics: a loved-up First Dates couple has just welcomed their first baby.


Aaron Stewart and Ibiba Mudada welcomed their daughter this April after meeting on the hit reality TV show in which people are set up on blind dates to varying degrees of success and hilarity.


The couple admits that their relationship was rather whirlwind - it was love at first sight when the two met in the First Dates restaurant in June and by the time the episode aired in October, Ibiba was already pregnant.


Ibiba gave birth to nine-pound, curly-haired Aziza on April 22. 


This isn't the first child for either of them. Car-interior designer Aaron has children from a previous relationship - six-year-old son Latham and nine-year-old daughter Tia. Care worker Ibiba has a ten-year-old daughter named Chennai.



Aaron said, "Right now Aziza is the most important thing in our world. But convention and tradition are both very important to us so buying a home and getting married will be our next goals."


It's not hard to see why the two are so loved up. Despite only meeting when Ibiba and Aaron were 28 and 32, respectively, the two have a lot in common. Both are from Bristol and are children to Jamaican-born parents.


The Daily Mail reports that in a serendipitous twist of fate, Aaron's father Kenroy and Ibiba's mother Mufuane were colleagues as social workers for ten years, yet the couple's paths never crossed before their blind date.


We can safely say it was fate - and the magic of televised matchmaking- that brought these two together. 



The show invites applicants to fill out a two-page online form. The daters are then put through a serious of interviews in front of the production team of researchers, and, if accepted, the team will work meticulously to find their potential match. 


For Aaron and Ibiba, the love was like lightning. "I was instantly attracted to Aaron's smile and his lovely eyes", Ibiba said. "I just knew it was going to be the start of something important."

Aaron, who has worked hard for his interior design business, confided that he had spent several months in prison when he was 20 for causing serious bodily harm for hitting another man. Sensing that Aaron had lived a life of redemption since, Ibiba said: "Ibiba says: ‘He was a young man, and I knew if he had any violent tendencies now I would pick them up quickly. We’re all entitled to make one young and silly error."


Viewers of the show must have sensed the genuine connection too. Ibiba says: "We’ve been inundated with letters and emails from well-wishers and just last Sunday when we took Aziza out for some fresh air, a lady rushed over and hugged us. She told us our story was truly inspirational, saying: 'You two have restored my faith in love.'"

Although the couple already has children from previous relationships, baby Aziza was a welcome addition to the new family, who are now living together: "Saying you don’t particularly want more kids is one thing," Aaron explained. "But confronted with the emotion of knowing the woman you love is carrying your child – that is something else entirely."


Get the tissues!