Being a parent is tough, exhausting and fairly overwhelming, so it is not surprising you often end up fighting with your other half over small, petty things. 


And while there is nothing wrong with a disagreement every now and then, it can get pretty draining when you are constantly bickering over small, stupid things. 


Thankfully, with the following tips you'll be able to put an end to it once and for all: 


1. Ask yourself if it's really worth fighting abou

Before you go off on one ask yourself if it's really worth fighting over. Yes, finding their dirty dishes in the sink AGAIN is fairly annoying, but is it really worth going to bed angry? 



2. Think BEFORE you open your mouth 

This one is probably the most important. Never open your mouth until you have really thought about what is coming out, especially if you are in a bad mood or feeling irritated. It is way too easy to say something that you instantly regret, so just don't say it in the first place. 


3. Actually listen to them 

If you find yourself constantly bickering about how you're always the one who ends up doing the school run, ask them why. They may have a perfectly good reason, including their belief that you like doing it... 



4. Lower your voice

OK, ignoring things that are clearly annoying you is not going to work for everything, but lowering your tone of voice can help. By keeping the yelling to a minimum you can control the argument, and what would normally escalate into a huge fight can actually become a useful discussion. 


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