Most of us will be able to relate to this text conversation between one girl and her mum.


Fiona Ni Mhaille was on the train home when she decided to let her mum know that she was en route.


Like any dutiful mum, she texted back asking her if she’d had anything eat, before telling her that she’d make a baked potato for her once she returned.


Fiona reassured her mother that she was fine and told her mother not to worry about making her any food.


“I had a massive wrap before I got the train, not hungry now, thanks anyways!”



But her mum was not taking no for an answer.


“That’s not enough. You’ll probably be hungry by the time you get home,” she wrote. “I’ll put on a nice backed potato now. Beans and cheese on the top. It will be lovely and healthy. Mam.”


Again, the daughter insisted that she’d be fine: “No, honestly mam, I’m not hungry at all. Had a huge lunch too. Stuffed now. Please don’t make any food for me. It’ll only go to waste.”


Once again, her efforts failed to yield the results she was hoping for. 


Finally giving in, it looked like this mum had backed off until...


“Ok. I’ll just put on a little potato so. Just in case. It’ll be in the oven when you get back. Xx”


If you can't beat 'em, take the potato.



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