Jamie Oliver has launched a global petition to fight for compulsory practical food education in schools across the world.
Our lifestyle choices really affect our children’s health. Kids should begin to explore and enjoy a wide range of wholesome foods from weaning onwards, but they need us to make it happen. Healthy eating becomes established with active, patient and consistent input from parents. This is the gift of health that keeps on giving.
Set up your child for health
  • First, check your own attitudes about food and health. You’ll struggle to get kids eating well if you and/or your partner are not committed!
  • Perhaps look at your own eating habits. Keeping a simple food diary for two weeks will make you much more aware of what, when and why you eat.
  • Kids model their parents’ behaviour - so be a model of healthy, relaxed, enjoyable eating for them. If you are stressed around meals and eating, kids will be anxious and difficult themselves.
  • Who’s the boss? Parents - not kids - should be in charge of food. Mum and dad need to agree their strategy around this. Also, remember to include significant others, like grandparents and other minders, in the plan.
  • Be consistent! Clear boundaries make kids feel secure. Their job is to keep testing them; yours is to be consistent while gradually giving them more freedom as they grow.
  • Don’t make food a ‘big issue’. Kids will leverage it against you.
  • Don’t talk about ‘healthy food’ to young ones - they may start thinking ‘healthy’ means ‘horrible’.
  • Don’t use unhealthy foods as a treat.
  • Make sure the only alternatives in the home are healthy ones. (They WILL find your secret stash of sweets/chocolate/biscuits!)
  • Try to get family members eating together at table at least once a day.
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