Are you still wondering what you should be stocking your baby’s nursery with? Wonder no more. We’ve come up with a list of essentials that no nursery should be without.

First, you will need nappies, along with a variety of baby products. Look for baby aqueous creams, petroleum jelly, shampoos and soaps, and remember, only ever use baby products on your newborn – products intended for adults are likely to irritate his or her skin.

A good crib should be next on your list, although it’s likely that for the first few months at least, your baby will share your bedroom. Those first months fly by, however, and having a crib ready for the transition is a good move.

Next you’ll want to look out for a changing table. Try to find one that combines a changing table with storage, and even a compartment for a dirt bin. The more compact and multifunctional nursery furniture can be the better.

Lastly, there are toys and decor. Although it’ll be some time before your little one is playing in the nursery, it never hurts to stock up on colourful, soft and age appropriate toys and books. A bookshelf to keep them all on is a good idea too, and when it comes to decor, there are great options out there for boys and girls nurseries – no matter what theme you decide on!