Social media plays a huge role in the lives of today’s youths, and although it comes with many perks, it also has its downfalls.


A new study has found that children are now more self conscious than ever before, due to the pressure from social media.


They are flooded with images of bloggers and celebrities who look completely flawless. These photos are giving children a false perception of what they are expected to look like.



They idolise bloggers like Zoella and reality stars like Kylie Jenner, so naturally, they’re going to be influenced by their appearance.


Sleep tech company Simba discovered that one in four youths, aged between nine and 16, feel anxious about their physical appearance.


The survey found that young people constantly worry about not fitting in, and are eager to be accepted by their peers.



There is a huge pressure on kids to look perfect all the time because of the constant exposure online. The need to update their followers with ‘aesthetically pleasing' photos and ‘perfect’ selfies is part of their every day routine, and it is damaging their confidence.


We know there are many positives to social media, such as helping us stay in contact with family members across the globe, but it is clear that social media is having a negative impact on the children of today, especially Instagram and Snapchat.


The photo-focused apps have been classed as some of the most harmful apps, mainly because they’re frequently used by celebrities and influencers who share edited and filtered snaps online.



Experts have called for change as these photos give youths a false view of what they should look like. Tom Madders of YoungMinds told Metro: “As a society, we should be helping children to feel positive about who they are and how they look, rather than anxious and insecure.”


“The more we encourage tolerance and celebrate our differences from an early age, the more comfortable young people will feel,” he added.