They always talk about cold feet and weddings, but the impending panic that happens when contemplating becoming a parent for the first time is not mentioned as much. While marriage is to death do you part, becoming a parent requires a level of commitment found nowhere else.
The good news is that this is perfectly normal. However, keeping your concerns to yourself is not helpful. First, you need to discuss your worries with your baby’s father. It is likely that he is feeling the same way. This might help you figure out exactly what is scaring you. Are you frightened about childbirth? Concerned about losing part of yourself? Worried about the level of commitment and sacrifice? Some new mums are afraid that they will make the same mistakes their own parents have. Voicing your worries might help them to seem less overwhelming and you might be surprised at how many of those worries are shared by your partner.
These chats can help strengthen the bonds between you and your partner and help ease your concerns about becoming a parent. Talking to other parents is also beneficial and can help you to discover how other mums handled all the same worries as you.