Our hearts go out to the Lawson family in Virginia, US this weekend, after what has undoubtedly been the toughest few days of their lives.


Patrick Lawson has been making headlines around the world, after filing an appeal for an emergency injunction to prevent doctors from taking steps to turn off his daughter’s life support machine.


Two-year-old Mirranda Grace choked on a popcorn kernel last week and has been on life support since being rushed to hospital. Doctors wanted to perform a test on the tot yesterday, to see if she was brain dead, but her heartbroken father went to the court to ‘buy her more time’.



“All I’m asking for is time for my baby to heal. The court, the doctors, the parents should decide it – it should not just be a doctor that decides it,” Mr Lawson said at the time, to NBC.


Despite being initially granted the emergency injunction, Mr Lawson’s appeal was ultimately turned down this afternoon, leaving doctors free to go ahead with their test. Given that Mirranda is unresponsive, and is showing no signs of breathing, blinking or swallowing, it seems likely that her life support machine will be turned off.


Mirranda Grace was brought to VCU Medical Centre last week after the accident, after which Mr Lawson performed CPR.


We can’t imagine just how devastating this ordeal must be for the family, and our thoughts and prayers are with them.


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