Pregnancy is a tricky time for any couple. While you’re both probably elated at the news that you’ll soon have a new baby, there’s a good chance that your partner is feeling a little nervous.

If he’s avoiding sex with you, chances are he’s scared of hurting the baby. You need to get the bottom of his feelings and attitudes by talking to him. Tell him you understand his concerns about potentially harming the baby You can get around this problem by speaking to your healthcare provider about it. Take him along to your next visit, and ask the question. Undoubtedly it will reassure parents that their baby won't be harmed by having sex as long as you're fit and well.

You could also look through books on pregnancy together, or even online. Most books and sites will confirm that as long as you are not having a complicated pregnancy, sex well into the third trimester is perfectly safe.
If it’s not anxiety about hurting your baby that’s got him avoiding sex, it could be that he’s having trouble reconciling you, as his partner, and you, the mother of his child. Some men find it hard to see the mother of their child in a sexual way. Avoid talking about anything baby related when you’re in the mood. Rather wear something seductive, light some candles, and help him to forget for a little while.

Your partner's sex drive may also be affected by the stress and responsibility that he will soon have to deal with as a father. He may be feeling apprehensive about the burdens of parenthood. He might also feel self-consciousness about making love in the presence of your unborn child. 
As frustrating as this might be, remember your partner is also finding it difficult. Simply talking to your partner could improve the situation greatly.