Parents have been asked to rally and show their support for the campaign to build the new Children’s Hospital at Connolly Hospital campus.


The campaign follows backlash and heavy opposition against the proposed hospital site, located at St James’ Hospital in Dublin’s city centre.


Parents and medical experts alike have expressed major concern over the St James’ campus plans, with fears that the site offers poor access as well as a lack of parking and space to develop.


In stark contrast, Connolly Hospital campus has been pinpointed as a far superior alternative. As well as offering extensive parkland for a potentially world-class new facility, the Connolly campus would provide the new Children’s Hospital with important room for growth and future development.



Parents and practitioners alike have backed the campaign to move the Children’s Hospital site to Connolly Hospital, beside the M50, based on the following benefits:

  • With 145 acres of land, developers have unlimited space for expansion
  • It has extensive parking
  • It provides easier access for all of the Republic of Ireland
  • It will be cheaper and faster to build
  • It will share a location with Connolly’s Adult Hospital and the new Rotunda Maternity Hospital

With the petition, supporters of the Connolly for Kids Hospital campaign are calling on Taoiseach Enda Kenny to build the new Children’s Hospital at the Connolly Hospital campus instead.


If you would like to add your voice to the campaign, you can sign the petition online (link here). Alternatively, you can print off a paper edition of the petition and post it back.


Be sure to spread the world to family and friends, and to discuss the topic with your local election candidates.


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