Pokémon Go has literally taken over the world in what feels like a mere few days; those kids (and adults) walking around with their head bent over their phone are likely to be playing the game that EVERYONE is talking about.  


However, while it was initially only made available to those the US, Australia and New Zealand, but has recently made its way to UK App and Google Play stores.


And while it is a great way to get kids to walk around and even explore areas of their town that they may have never seen before, it is important that parents completely understand what the game is all about.



However, before you let your child play the game, you need to know the following eight things:


1. Kids must be 13 years of age to sign-up.


2. Those younger MUST have their parent’s permission to play. 


3. In-app purchases are available but you don’t need them to play the game. Make sure you restrict all app purchases before allowing your child play the game otherwise you risk them accidently spending money on your credit card.


4. The game is designed to bring people together which can put your child at risk; never let them go catch Pokémon when they are on their own.


5. In order for it to work the game has to track your GPS meaning the location on your child's phone will be activated. 


6. It works off your phone’s data – good if your plan has unlimited data; bad if it doesn’t. Find free WiFi areas so you can save your data.


7. There is an option to ‘lure’ people towards you to engage in a ‘battle’. An option that can put your child at risk.


8. (While we don’t like to admit that we have played it...) It is a really fun game that, once played carefully, can actually get your child to do more walking than they would actually ever admit!



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