Put the bottle down! That extra glass of wine is causing more harm than good

Just one more glass won’t hurt, will it? We mutter to ourselves as we pour the dregs of wine into our glass. That extra glass may seem harmless when you’re feeling super merry but a study has discovered that it is actually pretty harmful.

The researchers found that for every extra glass of wine you drink, it could shorten your life by half an hour! 

If this doesn’t encourage you to cut down then we don’t know what will.

Experts recommend consuming no more than 11 units of alcohol over a week.

As much as we love a glass of wine or two, we want to ensure we are as healthy as can be.

The impact alcohol has on the body is quite severe, especially in the long run.

According to research, drinking too much and frequently can cause health issues and worsen your health conditions.

The study, which was published in The Lancet medical journal, warned people against drinking too much.

“The paper estimates a 40-year-old drinking four units a day above the guidelines has roughly two years’ lower life expectancy, which is around a 20th of their remaining life. This works out at about an hour per day. So it’s as if each unit above guidelines is taking, on average, about 15 minutes of life, about the same as a cigarette,” commented Professor David Spiegelhalter.

Alcohol can increase the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, liver disease and a number of cancers, as well as many other serious illnesses and mental health problems.

We’ll certainly be cutting back on our alcohol consumption from now on!