Congratulations you’re expecting! Whether you’ve had a baby before, or if it’s your first time, it’s equally exciting – well you are after all carrying a tiny human in your tummy you just can’t wait to meet!
The key to pregnancy is looking after yourself and taking it easy. Your body is pulling off a pretty incredible feat, so if there’s any time to slow down and pamper yourself it’s now.
And because we want you to have the happiest, healthiest, most relaxed pregnancy possible, here are our 10 top tips to help make the next nine months a breeze:
1. Feel beautiful
Our bodies change during pregnancy. Often we put on weight, experience water retention and resign our favourite jeans to the back of the press with a sigh. But pregnancy is beautiful. We’re growing a child, we’re blooming – now how is that not womanly and sexy? Reframing our thoughts around our pregnant bodies will make us feel confident and proud. Yes mama, you’re hot!
2. Stay informed
Keeping informed on all the different stages of pregnancy will help you understand the changes happening to your body. So whether that’s reading various books or sitting down with a cuppa and going through our pregnancy guides, you’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way.
3. Involve your partner
You’re both going to parent your new arrival, so it makes sense to involve your partner in your pregnancy from day one. Talk to your partner about the changes you’re going through emotionally and physically – including them in this will help prepare them for parenthood, and will ensure you feel supported and validated throughout.
4. Pamper yourself
You deserve to be pampered and that’s the end of it! Run yourself a bath with relaxing essential oils and dry off with a fluffy, cosy towel. 
5. Ignore negativity
Some people have too many opinions, so if you hear any negative talk or scaremongering, ignore it and field calls from that person until you’ve had your baby! No one needs that kind of negativity, especially a mum-to-be.
6. Get plenty of rest
There’s no tiredness like a mama-to-be tiredness, so allow yourself as much rest as possible. Delegate more chores and errands to your partner so you get much needed extra time to chill out and sleep.
7. Enjoy date nights
You don’t stop needing date nights and romance just because you’re pregnant; on the contrary you need them all the more. It’s important to spend time with your partner as a couple throughout your pregnancy, whether it’s a delicious meal, a romantic movie night, or a Sunday walk in the park.
8. Exercise
Gentle exercise is SO beneficial for mums-to-be, mentally and physically. We recommend walking with friends or yoga, and swimming, particularly in the second and third trimesters, as it takes the strain of your blooming bump off your back.
9. Eat well
But not necessarily a lot. In the second and third trimesters you only need an extra 300-450 extra calories a day, so try not to go too mad! Eat lots of fresh wholesome food like leafy veg, good fats like avocado and nuts and protein like organic chicken. The healthier your diet, the better and more energised you’ll feel.
10. Enjoy this special time
Enjoy it! Pregnancy is not without its challenges but it's a special time, so make the most of it. Take advantage of your special status as mum-to-be, bask in that growing belly and basically be a queen for nine months!