It’s normal for women to feel more self-conscious about their bodies when pregnant. In fact, most women feel that way even when they’re not! However, while you may notice every bulge and stretch mark appearing, there’s a good chance your partner doesn’t. 

While women focus on the little details, men tend to have an overall view of things. You look in the cupboard and see many little things, and he sees the cupboard as a whole.

That means that while you’re worrying about every extra pound you gain, he’s still seeing the woman he loves, and the soon to be mummy of his child. 

Chances are he’s just as in love with and attracted to you now as he was before you got pregnant. If not more so. 

If it’s really worrying you, find out from your doctor what kind of gentle exercise you can do. Or why buy yourself some sexy maternity lingerie or a pretty night dress that will cover your bump? While your tummy may be bigger, so will your breasts so buy something that will show off those assets.