Seriously expensive baby cribs for extravagant mums

Princess Coach Iron Crib
This stunning crib costs a mere $3,729 from Posh Tots…and that doesn’t include the bedding!
Addison Floral Round Iron Canopy Crib
This is one beautiful crib from Posh Tots and if you have  $1,590 to spare then it's a must for any nursery!
Addison Scroll Round Iron Canopy Crib
Another gorgeous piece of nursery furniture for $1,590 from Posh Tots.
Majestic Carriage Crib
Yes this is a bit extravagant but if you have $19,995 in your back pocket (who doesn't?!) then how could you possibly resist?This crib is available from Posh Tots.
Fantasy Carriage Crib
Another lovely carriage for your little one. This crib is also $19,995 from Posh Tots. And look at that beautiful artwork on the wall!
Bonne Nuit Cherubini Crib in Opulent Finish
No doubt Jennifer Lopez had a nursery similar to this for her twins. Each crib costs $5,520 from Posh Tots. And look at that chandelier! You’re babies will feel like absolute royalty in this nursery.
Magic Garden Cradle
This lovely Magic Garden cradle will only set you back $2,580 from Posh Tots
Bambini Bassinet with Linens
This beautiful bassinet from Posh Tots will set you back $1460. 
Rose Petal Bassinet
This stunning bassinet features over 1,500 hanging silk rose petals and each rose petal is carefully hand sewn to the skirt. At $1092 dollars we aren't quite sure why it's been left outside?!
Greenwich Bassinet with Linens
Another fab bassinett although at $1,260 you might want your baby to stay small for as long as possible!
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