When you first get pregnant, you may find that your senses are heightened, and that you have trouble falling asleep. That’s because hormonal changes are making you more sensitive to light, sound and other sensory information.
If you find that you’re having trouble getting to sleep, you can try a few things:
Make sure that your room is darkened. Use darker, thicker curtains if necessary, to block out unwanted light.
Avoid over heating your room. Sleeping is difficult for anyone in a room that’s too hot, and when you add hot flushes associated with pregnancy into the mix, you’re likely to struggle even more.
Block out unwanted noise. It’s a good idea to consider buying a white noise machine, which will block all those annoying sounds that are keeping you awake.
Make sure that you wind down properly from the day. Read a book or take a warm bath – don’t watch TV or work! Your brain needs time to ‘switch gears’ between day and night time. Let it!