Step away from shame: Síle Seoige on why we need to speak out about miscarriage

Popular broadcaster Síle Seoige has opened up on the benefits of speaking publicly about suffering from a miscarriage.

Seoige spoke to the Irish Daily Mirror about her own personal heartbreak following her miscarriage last November, and said talking about the subject helps other people release feelings of shame or guilt.

“I’m a big believer in following your gut instincts. I spoke to Damien about it. I didn’t mind saying it because it’s real life," she commented.


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Helping others to realise that they aren't alone can be crucial when it comes to this type of emotional trauma.

“I really admire anyone who is open and honest and Kathryn Thomas is a really good friend of mine and she would’ve spoken publicly. It’s fantastic because it gives other people permission to speak up and step away from shame, blame or guilt.”

She added: “It is very difficult to talk about tough things and women’s reproductive system is so sensitive. It’s about really just being gentle. We just just need to be more mindful of people going through stuff.”


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Galway native opened up on Instagram about her own experience, saying: “A number of months ago I found out I was pregnant and we were absolutely over the moon."

“It was great but it wasn’t meant to be. You don’t just get over it," she continued. Healing emotionally and physically is so important, as the broadcaster stressed online.

“You have to give your body time and not just your physical form but your thoughts and emotions as well. Everything is impacted.”

Social media can conceal what is truly going on beneath the surface for many women attempting to get pregnant or going through the pain of miscarriage.


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“What we see on social media, Instagram, Twitter, it’s just a snapshot into people’s lives and it’s usually the best foot forward kind of stuff,” she added.

“If you are struggling with whatever is going on in your own life, just know that you’re not alone.”

Sile shares her adorable toddler, Cathal, with her fiancé Damien O’Farrell. She got engaged to the garda last April, but refers to their relationship as already that of "husband and wife";

“We’re very happy. The commitment is there. We’ve our little man. We are a little family.”