Losing body fat and fitting into those clothes again can often be the easy part.  
The decision to start, and reaching your desired goal are often the hardest parts of your fitness journey. Starting the journey, and then sustaining and maintaining that new you, is the part that most struggle to keep up. 
The reason for not keeping up your exercise and diet is usually down to just a couple of things:
1. The eating plan is not sustainable 
2. You don’t enjoy your training sessions 
3. You get bored and aren't challenged 
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Try these tips to find your mojo - and, this time, hold onto it and don’t let it go. 
It is important to try out some different activities when embarking on your health and fitness journey. When you find something that floats your boat, gets you results, and that you enjoy - that is when you have the best chance of maintaining and sustaining. 
Whatever you do, don’t do it because you have to - this is a quick-fire way to the road to reversing your progress. 
There is always some activity you can find (if you look hard enough) that you will enjoy doing and will help you reach your goals. When you find that 'thing', cling onto it for dear life as it’s whats going to keep you coming back for more. 
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They say it takes more than 28 days to change a habit, and that is one of the keys to making your lifestyle changes permanent: four weeks to change your habits, and another four to reinforce them. 
In other words, the more you practice, the better you get at sticking with it 
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One size doesn’t fit all 
It is important to point out that there is not a 'one size fits all' approach, and that the same thing doesn't work for everyone. After all, we all have different circumstances and things going on in our lives that will impact our choices, whether it be nutrition, exercise, lifestyle choices. 
What I am 100 percent sure of is what works for our members of CPT, with a make up of  90 percent females aged between 35 to 65 years old. There is a lot of crossover in how their daily routines and lifestyle choices are affected. This is how we successfully programme our classes and deliver our nutritonal guidance - from having acccurate data on our members' lifestyles and daily struggles. 
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Focus on the happy place 
The more you focus on your new healthy, happy habits and the less you focus on the bad ones, the easier it will be to make these changes permanent. 
It is important to find a coach who is passionate about what they do and willing to stay on your case when you feel yourself struggling and reaching for the Hobnobs!
What helps our members to stay on track, is having acquired the knowledge of nutrition and the effects food have on our bodies, instead of the standard 'eat this, eat that' approach. They also enjoy continued goal resetting, and the support to succeed on an ongoing basis through the community support of the CPT tribe, and knowing that if they fall off the wagon from time to time they will be helped and rewarded for getting back on track. 
I make sure to keep high standards and set goals high, so that if they don’t quite reach them, they still will have achieved way more than what they might have achieved by themselves, going it alone.  
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Aim for the moon, and at least reach the sky
We run internal transformations in our Secret CPT Inner Circle Facebook Groups, where we tighten things up (literally) for 14-day and 28-day blocks, to re-focus our members. This helps to reset people's mindset and get members who have been slacking back into the groove. 
There is a certain amount of re-wiring needed, and of course a desire to feel and look how you want to. Finding that happy place where you enjoy going to - that may be physical or mental, away form the kids, time for you - will help you keep coming back for more. Whether it just makes you feel great, or you feel like you belong to a community; these are two of the most important factors. 
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People quite often underestimate the power of community and how it will help them succeed, just being around like-minded people they can relate to and find comfort with. 
This is what we have created with CPT (Complete Personal Training and CPT Bootcamps) - soon to be know as UFITIN - with a massive rebrand and re-launch happening soon.
The answer is in my favourite quote: “To maintain and sustain, you must enjoy and belong.”
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Make time for you 
You put appointments in your diary for the dentist if you have a sore tooth; you put appointments in your diary to see the doctor when you are sick - if you are unhealthy, overweight and miserable, would it not make sense to book time for you? Time to exercise; time to eat right; time for you? That is something we can all neglect from time to time, and is the difference between someone with good balance and someone without.
If you don’t make time for you, no one else will. Be selfish; instead of putting yourself the bottom of the pile, book time for yourself.
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No ifs, buts or maybes - and certainly no excuses
There is, and will always be, an excuse not to do something - there is never a perfect time.
Be stronger than your excuses. Enjoy what you’re doing. Partake in a sport you like to play. Join a fitness community you enjoy being part of; a place where people know your name and miss you when you’re not there. 
In my opinion, that’s the reality. You get and maintain the body of your dreams by doing and eating the right things when people are not looking.  
You've got to be happy that what you are doing is working, and that comes with seeing results quickly.  If you aren’t, and you don’t; it may come crashing down. 
But just remember: you can do it - you just need the right help, guidance, support and accountability. And to find 'that place'.
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Yours in fitness, 
Damian (Dalkey Fit Pro) 
South Dublin 


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