Damian  Hall

Damian Hall

Health & Fitness Expert
It was during his time in St. Andrew’s College that Damian’s passion for rugby and fitness first started.
He is proud to say that since 1997, when he left school, he:
- Played at the top end of amateur rugby for the guts of 20 years
- Won 3 caps for the Irish International Rugby team
- Won an All-Ireland league and Leinster Cup with St Mary’s
- Captained and coached Wanderers to a Leinster League and promotion to the All-Ireland League
- Captained Bective for three consecutive years
- Visited over 30 countries
- Worked in two schools
- Married his best friend, and has a beautiful daughter and another baby on the way.
Damian’s experience on and off the field has taught him the importance of fitness and health.  His passion and hobby led him to start running his own businesses, supporting people through their journey to become healthier and fitter.
Damian is a qualified Sports Therapist Sailing Instructor and Trigger point master trainer (one of only 6 in the UK and Ireland), and a qualified sport psychologist.
At Complete Personal Training and CPT Bootcamps, primarily a semi-private and private personal training and fitness facility; Damian and his team motivate people who may be stuck in a rut, and advise and support them to make sure they get results fast.
They give their clients clear direction and support, keep people accountable, and support them in a close-knit family environment of positive, encouraging, like-minded people who are continuously getting and, most importantly, sustaining long-term results.
Damian and his team cater for all fitness levels and age groups, but specialise in middle-age men and women who need direction and a clear path to achieve great, sustainable results.
Contact information
Email: info@completepersonaltraining.ie
Twitter: @Complete_P_T
For morning and evening training classes, visit www.cptbootcamps.ie

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