Life can be really hard for a child born with an illness or without a limb – as well as the health and movement limitations, the thought of ‘being different’ can be scary.


This is something that nine-year-old Karissa Mitchell, who was born without a right arm, can identify with.


That all changed for Karissa recently, however, when she was presented with a special new prosthetic arm.



The arm, created by volunteer students at Siena College, is not just any prosthesis, however – it’s Frozen­-themed!


That’s right; Karissa’s new arm not only enables her to do things she has never before been able to, but it’s also sparkly and purple!


In a statement released by the college, delighted mum Maria explained the significance of the arm itself as well as the design.



“Karissa really identifies with Elsa because she knows what it’s like to be different from everyone else. She doesn’t want to be seen as different, which has made her extremely determined to do things as well – if not better – than others,” she said.


You can watch the amazing footage of Karissa receiving her arm in the video, below.



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