We've heard many times about the benefits that come from breastfeeding and now it seems those benefits can be seen in premature babies also.


A study has shown that the hearts of premature babies who breastfed were larger than those who were bottle fed.


It is common for preterm babies to have smaller hearts than full term babies as it has not fully developed.


The study was carried out by Oxford University who wanted to investigate the links between breastfeeding and a child’s development.


They monitored 102 adults who were born prematurely and looked at how their hearts had developed after being breastfed in comparison to 102 more who had been bottle fed.


The study also claimed that the hearts of breastfed babies beat more strongly.


Dr Adam Lewandowski from the Oxford Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility said:


“These results show that even in people whose premature birth has inevitably affected their development, breastfeeding may be able to improve heart development.”


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