Pregnancy, while an exciting and fulfilling time for any women, doesn’t come without its price. There are some unpleasant symptoms that accompany pregnancy for many women, and swollen feet and ankles are one of those. 

While most swelling during pregnancy is normal, there are times when you will need to speak to your doctor. If your face or hands swell, for instance, or if you notice a marked difference in the swelling between one leg and the other. Signs like these can be warnings of serious conditions like preeclampsia. 

If your swelling is not related to anything more serious, and your doctor has told you there’s nothing to worry about, then the best idea is simply to get off your feet for a while. Sitting with your feet up should help to ease the swelling, as can making sure you are hydrated, and moving around – but remember, a gentle walk is all you need!

If you notice that your feet are swelling so much that it’s making your shoes uncomfortable you have two options – buy new shoes that fit better, or try support stockings. 

Whatever you do, you can be comforted by the fact that once your baby arrives, your feet will return to their usual size.
If your swollen, pregnancy feet are suffering from blisters then why not try Compeed Blister pack. These plasters contain an active gel which stops the aching blister pain and will allow you to walk around comfortably until baby is born and your feet return to their normal size.