Whether your slurred speech makes you sound like you’ve had one too many or you go out wearing odd shoes, being sleep deprived can make you do or say the strangest things.


We asked our mums if they had done anything odd after little sleep, and the response was so huge we had great difficulty choosing the best ones. Enjoy!


1. Aine: “Thought I was burping my son only to find him sound asleep in cot and I was burping the pillow!”


2. Karen: “Hoovered my whole living room without even plugging the hoover in.”


3. Teresa, Donegal: “I was bottlefeeding my baby in his ear, and wondering why he was still screaming.”


4. Marsha: "Went into town wearing these last summer":


5. Davina: “Running around Tesco looking for my lost baby only to realise I'd left her at home. [This was] AFTER I told security someone must have snatched her.”


6. Sarah: “Not sure when it was but I put my phone in the fridge [and] only found it when I rang it and the fridge vibrated!”


7. Tara, Cork: "Puréed sweet potato for baby and then threw the blade of the blitzer in the bin! I've also put a vest in the bin with one hand while I put the nappy in the washing machine with the other. What a mess!"


8. Maria: “Was so tired one morning after my second was born that instead of picking up a tube of toothpaste I picked up a tube of Nivea and brushed my teeth with it!”



9. Victoria: “I ran out of my local Super Valu leaving shopping behind after [the checkout assistant] had put them through. She had asked me for my club card and when I couldn't find my keys with fob I realised I left [them] in the front door. Never ran so fast in my life...


10. Carol, Cork: “Went out for a power walk and couldn't figure out why I wasn't walking fast, until I looked down and saw I still had my slippers on...”


11. Siobhan: “I spent ages running a hot bath for myself a few days after having my little boy. [I] was so looking forward to getting in and relaxing for a little while. When I was about to get in, I realised I'd been running the cold tap the whole time. I just gave up on the idea.”


12. And Naomi, who doesn't even need any words: