Amber Davis is a foster mum. 


She spent six months bonding with this little baby girl and has shared her heartbreaking story in an emotional Facebook post. 


She talks about how she bonded with the tiny child and how she felt she knew her little personality by heart.


By far, the hardest part though for Amber was trying to explain to her own young son about why the little girl had to back to another family. 


It was then she realised she was finding it hard to make sense of it herself:


"We lost the fight. And by "lost" I mean I didn't get what I wanted. My white picket fence has a hole in it and she's gone. I made sure she smelled of lavender before she left. Filled her favourite sippy cup with half water, half apple juice for the ride to her new home for a bit of comfort and distraction. Told her I loved her and purposely made her holler and squirm from being hugged too tight. She likes to give hugs but hates being restrained in one. I wonder how long it'll take her new family to figure that out."


The brave foster mother goes on to describe the heartache she was feeling as she said goodbye:


"The tears just won't stop. This first loss is more painful than I ever imagined it would be and something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. So the next time I see that all-too-familiar phone number pop up on my caller ID, asking if we are willing and able to open up our hearts and take in another child who needs us to sacrifice everything we have in order to love them for an undetermined amount of time...I already know what my answer will be.

Absolutely. Let's do this. For 6 months or for forever...we're in."