The Saturdays singer Rochelle Humes shares experience growing up in ‘blended family’

When speaking to Kate Ferdinand on her podcast Blended, singer Rochelle Humes opens up about growing up in a blended family and not having a relationship with her biological dad.

When speaking about her parents, the This Morning presenter explained that, “They split probably when I was less than one” and said, “I didn’t ever have a relationship with my dad”.

The mum-of-three went on to say that she still doesn’t have a relationship with her dad because as she got older and had her own family, she couldn’t understand how he chose not to be there for her when he had the option to be.

 “I then completely lost even interest of getting to know that side of me because I just didn’t understand how you could have the choice and not be present”.

Humes has a sister on her mum’s side of the family, whom she grew up with. She also has a brother and two sisters on her dad’s side but did not meet them until she was older and with her husband Marvin. “I met my other siblings quite a lot later in life”

The 33-year-old told Kate that she doesn’t refer to her siblings as step or half siblings. “I don’t ever do the half thing, I really don’t like it”.

 She explained. “They’re my sisters, there doesn’t need to be a label on that”.

Rochelle went deeper into the relationship she had with her dad. She used to think, “Why am I the one who doesn’t have a part of him”, once she knew about her other siblings.

She continued, “Certain times it upset me, when I thought maybe I’m missing out”.

“I don’t have a dad that’s present but it was the norm”. The television presenter went on to say, “I had an amazing mum”, who did and still does everything for her.

Rochelle revealed that any curiosity she had about her dad was gone when she became a parent herself. “It resolved it for me weirdly”.

“He hasn’t ever reached out to me and I haven’t reached out to him and that’s how it’s been”.

Rochelle is married to JLS singer Marvin Humes. The couple tied the knot in 2012 and went on to have three children together,  Alaia-May (8), Valentina Raine (5) and 1-year-old Blake Hampton.