Peer pressure is one of the worst situations a teen can find themselves in. 


Even teens with the best of intentions, can find themselves put under pressure by friends.


Bert Fulks, a father and youth minister, realised how difficult it is for young people to resist peer pressure while working with a group of young recovering addicts.



He decided to create a text strategy that would help his own teenage son Danny, if he found himself in a situation he was uncomfortable with.


This simply relied on his son to text the letter X to any family member if he needed their help.


The person who receives the text would know to call Danny and tell him something had come up.



"At that point, Danny tells his friends that something's happened at home, someone is coming to get him, and he has to leave," Bert explained.


This would allow Danny to leave the situation without any pressure or judgement.


Bert shared the strategy on his blog, urging other parents to try it out with their teens.



Bert says it's up to his son whether or not he tells his parents what the situation is.


There' s only one exception to this: if someone is in danger, he must tell his parents.


So far, Bert's post has has over 500 comments from other parents, many of whom said they will try this out.