Every child should get to enjoy the simple pleasures of whizzing down a slide, which is why we love what Goren Harari and Adi Zohar have done for a little boy named Ali.


Ali, from Israel, has cerebral palsy and, as a result, he has never been able to play on a slide – mainly due to the lack of support for his body.


Harari and Zohar wanted to change things for the tot, and so they decided to create a special seat that would allow him to enjoy the slide just the same as his friends do.


Experts from the Holon Institute of Technology, in Israel, Harari and Zohar worked with Ali’s physiotherapist to create the seat.



In a video shared to Vimeo, the duo take viewers through the process of how they created Ali’s seat – and, most importantly, the finished result.


At the end, we get a winning shot of Ali in his structured and supportive seat, beaming as he gets helped down the slide.


The team add that the seat has now enabled Ali to sit in the playground and enjoy playtime with his friends.


What a wonderful thing to do for this little boy.


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