As a parent, keeping up with the ins-and-outs of your child's social circle is harder that trying to follow the plot of Lost.


And if you’re a mum to a teen then the politics and workings of the ‘BFFs’ reach next level complicated.


Well, Patti Wood has had enough and is done trying pretend she’s keeping up with her daughter’s ever-expanding group of friends.


Taking to Facebook to share pictures of her daughter Christina at a school dance, the proud mum was clearly only interested in her little girl.



Sharing her mother’s hilarious posts, Christina seemed to see the funny side of things saying:


“I really can’t with my mom”.



With over 1,000 people responding to the post, Patti has now become the poster child for all the mum’s who feel the exact same way.



At one point, Patti seemed to have realised her mistake and corrected herself only to have Christina step in and complicate things even more.



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