Peer pressure and the influence of the media means that your tween feels enormous pressure to conform to a certain fashion ideal. So, if your tween is begging you for a pair of designer jeans, prepare yourself!This basically means that for the next few years you will be expected to take your tween on frequent shopping excursions. Before you set out on a shopping trip, make sure you agreed a budget with your tween and help them understand that the clothes need to be appropriate.
Take your tween shopping                                                                                                                                            
It mightn’t seem so long ago when you could buy all your child’s clothes for her but not anymore. Tweens are fashion savvy and have distinct tastes when it comes to their clothes. If you choose to buy your tween clothes, chances are you will probably have to return the item or they may end up in the back of a drawer somewhere never to be seen this. Your best option is definitely to bring your tween with you and shop together.
Girls and clothes
Girls are notoriously difficult to please during the tween years. Try to exercise some patience as your daughter is trying to find her style. It’s also important to point out if certain clothes aren't suitable for her age. Make sure that she understands before purchasing, that any items she buys will be part of her wardrobe until they’re outgrown or too worn to wear anymore.
Give your tween a little privacy
Give your child some space and privacy when you shop together. Once she has picked out her choices, you can give your advice and approve or reject the items she has picked out.
What do you do when you disagree about clothes?
It’s probably too much to wish that you and your child will survive the tween years without disagreeing over the suitability of clothing. Your daughter may like a skirt that you consider far too short. Or your son may want a T-shirt with a rude phrase splashed across the front. To combat this, discuss your clothing rules before leaving the house and remember to stand your ground. 
Other tips include:
  • Set a budget before you go shopping and make sure your tween is aware of this too
  • Make a list of items your tween needs
  • Take occasional breaks while shopping, sit somewhere and share a healthy snack or a bottle of water to recharge batteries
  • Make sure the items she chooses are versatile and will match other existing clothes in her wardrobe