TOWIE star Megan McKenna ‘annoyed’ as people try to guess first child’s gender

Megan McKenna has been opening up about her decision to not find out her first child’s gender and shared her excitement to choose her little one's name. 

At the beginning of April, the former The Only Way Is Essex star announced the exciting news that she is expecting a baby with her fiancé Oliver Burke.

While sharing an update on her pregnancy, Megan admitted that it’s ‘annoying’ when people try to predict the gender of her little one after she revealed that she wants the sex to be a surprise. 

The 31-year-old was answering a Q&A on her Instagram Stories from some of her 2.8M followers when one fan asked, “Are you going to find out the gender? X”.

Megan replied by explaining, “No, we’ve always said we didn’t want to know the gender. It can be quite annoying actually when people talk as if they know - like are you psychic or something? People are like, ‘You’re deffo having a girl, you’re deffo having a boy’”.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinions but you’re not psychic and I know the whole nub theory and all the old wives tales. I just think you can never tell”.

“Obviously it does annoy me a little bit when I’ve said like 1000 times, ‘We don’t want to know’, and people seem to think that they can just message and say, ‘You’re deffo having a…’”.

The mum-to-be then revealed, “Just want to keep it a surprise, whatever your theories are. Just want it to be a surprise”.

Another fan asked the former reality star, “Have you got names picked out? Are they traditional or a little bit different? xx”.

Megan responded by announcing, “We do have our names picked out. Well, obviously we don’t know if we’re having a girl or a boy but we’ve got two boy names, like the full first name, middle and Ollie’s surname which will be my surname soon”.

“Then we have two different girl names. Again, another middle name and Burke. So yeah it’s so exciting. Obviously I’m not going to be spoiling anything because I just think there’s some things you need to keep really, really private”.

“Also, I just want to wait and see how I feel when I look at our baby because it might suit one of the names better than the other names”.

McKenna also confessed, “That’s probably one of my favourite parts actually, picking what our baby’s name could be”.