Miscarriage is one of most new mum’s biggest fears. While there’s probably no reason for you to worry too much – and worrying can be bad for you and your baby – it is worth knowing what types of miscarriages are out there.
A blighted ovum or an anembryonic pregnancy is when the egg is fertilized, and attached as it should to your uterus, but it does not develop into an embryo.
A chemical pregnancy, on the other hand, is where the egg is fertilised, but it fails to attach itself correctly. Neither a placenta nor an embryo form, although you may test positive for pregnancy.
When you suffer a missed miscarriage, the foetus dies in the uterus, but is not expelled. There is, however, no heartbeat. An incomplete miscarriage, however, is where the usual symptoms of miscarriage, such as pain and cramping, are experienced, but only part of the baby is expelled from your body.
Lastly, there’s the threatened miscarriage. This is where you experience pain and bleeding, but the baby survives, and is not miscarried. Most women who have a threatened miscarriage go on to deliver perfectly healthy children.
Now that you know what types of miscarriage there are, if you experience any symptoms that are out of the ordinary, speak to your doctor immediately!