A home surveillance system carries only one purpose: to add extra security to your house. For one family in the US, however, this couldn’t be further from the case.


A Texas mother is reeling this week, after discovering a live stream from her young daughters’ bedroom broadcasting to the internet.


The mum – who has chosen to remain anonymous – set up surveillance cameras around her house, to keep a close eye on her three daughters: eight-year-old twin girls, and another daughter, aged six.



She was shocked, however, when a random woman from Oregon took to a local community Facebook page to share a link to a live stream filming directly from her twin girls’ bedroom.


The woman was apparently browsing through the ‘Live Camera Viewer’ app when she made the discovery. Concerned, she decided to share a link to the stream, in a bid to track down the children’s parents.


It didn’t take long for the mother to find out that it was, in fact, her children on the stream – and she couldn’t believe it.



Speaking to local news outlet Click2Houston.com, the mother said: “I have cameras to protect my kids, and I kind of feel like we failed them. We didn’t protect them. We actually put them in harm’s way.”


Needless to say, the mother switched her cameras off immediately, and while she wants to keep her identity a secret, she chose to go public with her story in a bid to warn other parents.



While the exact explanation for how the stream went public is still unknown, the mother believes her camera system may have been hacked via a game her daughters play.


Experts have this week urged parents to activate all necessary security functions, such as passwords, on their camera and monitoring systems.


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