Wean In 15: Joe Wicks to launch cookbook for babies and toddlers

He shot to fame with his Lean In 15 books and now The Body Coach aka Joe Wicks is tackling a different market.

He has announced on his Instagram Stories that he has set the plans in motion for his new book, aimed at infants and toddlers.

And the name is perfect - Wean in 15.

Clever, right?

The 32-year-old posted that he was meeting with the publisher Pan Macmillan for the new book and then went on to explain what the book is about.

The book will be full of recipes for infants and toddlers.

He credited his brother for coming up with the idea and the book name two years ago and revealed that it would be hitting shelves in 2020.

As well as that, Joe added that he's working with a nutritionist called Charlotte Sterling-Reed who specialises in infant and child nutrition.

This book will be perfect for Joe and his fiance Rosie Jones, as they welcomed their first child, daughter Indie, in July. 

It sounds amazing - we can't wait to see what handy recipes and health tips he has for our little ones.