Choosing your baby’s name is one of the most important things that you will ever do and you are likely to start thinking about it as soon as you find out you are expecting.
It’s normal to want to choose one that is slightly unusual so there won’t be a dozen other kids in the same class with the same name; however, if you choose a name that's too unusual, your little one won’t thank you for it.
Apple and Bear will be fine in the celebrity world, but here are five things that they can happen if you give your child a strange and cringe-worthy name
Kids can be cruel
Before you choose an 'out there' name, think about your child in the playground. Names that rhyme with rude words should be avoided. Same goes for names that can be shortened into words of the male or female anatomy.
They will use a fake name
If your little one’s name is too cringe-worthy, they may just change it as they get older. Kids go through phases of not liking their name but if it is one that embarrasses them they may never answer when you call them.
Spend their life explaining it
People are curious about the origin of a person’s name, especially if it is unusual. If your name choice leaves a little to be desired, think of your child’s future spent answering the same questions over and over again. If the name is odd, the story behind it better be good.
Will constantly correct mispronouncations
Unusual name spellings or names that are hard to pronounce will leave your child constantly correcting people who mispronounce it. For the first few months you will be proud of your choice but endlessly correcting everyone all the time will leave you feeling exhausted. So exhausted and frustrated that you will eventually stop correcting them and just go with the flow.
Keep in mind that your baby will be the one stuck with your choice of name and it is something that they will carry right into adulthood, so make sure you choose wisely.