There is no avoiding puberty so if your son is approaching the average age where puberty typically starts it’s important that he is prepared. It’s also important that parents are armed with the necessary knowledge and are prepared to guide him through adolescence. 
How to recognise the signs of puberty
All boys will go through dramatic and emotional changes during puberty. Boys will experience vocal changes, growth of facial hair and also need to be more stringent about hygiene issues. They will develop muscles and experience significant brain development.    
Voice breaking
Have you noticed that your son’s voice is beginning to change? Does it sound froggy every now and then? It might be embarrassing for your son, but you should remind him that a change in his voice is a perfectly normal experience during puberty. Fortunately, before he knows it his voice will be deeper and won’t crack anymore.
Body odour
One of the first signs of the onset of puberty comes in the form of a change in body odour. It’s important that you and your tween knows how to handle body odour issues and that you stress the importance of daily showers and encourage them to use deodorant every day also.
Puberty, boys and understanding wet dreams
It may be an embarrassing conversation topic, but it’s important to be aware that wet dreams can be a source of anxiety and embarrassment during puberty. However, it's important that your    teen understands that wet dreams are perfectly normal and are part of puberty. 
Hygiene basics your tween needs to know about
Hygiene has an important role to play during puberty. Boys should be aware that they need to make a daily effort with personal grooming and hygiene. This means daily showers, showers after exercise and a basic skincare routine. As a mum, you should remind him that dirty clothes belong in the laundry basket, not on the floor. 
Puberty can be a challenging time for both parents and children but it’s not all bad. Sit your child down and make sure he knows about all the great things about growing up and of transforming from a boy to young man.