When you realise your child is no longer a baby, you can be left with mixed feelings – pride that your little one has grown into such a lovely person, but sad that they no longer need you as much anymore.
We've put together some advice to help you feel a little better and not so sentimental that your child is growing up.
Be proud of yourself  
Your little one growing up is a normal part of life and one that you should be proud of, not sad about. When your child was small, you taught them things to ensure they would be able to grow into independent adults and now you can revel in a job well done. You did exactly what parents should do.
Embrace the extra free time
Now that your little ones are that bit older you will find they want to go to their friend’s house without you, get dressed on their own or even amuse themselves. Rather than feeling sad, embrace this extra free time and enjoy your cup of tea in peace and quiet.
Don’t smoother them
When you realise your little one no longer needs you for every little thing it is hard not to smoother them as you try to keep them close. But try not to. Let them embrace their new found sense of independence without feeling like you are stifling them.
Get involved in their new life
Just because they are becoming more independent, doesn’t mean that you have to completely be left out of their life. As they grow they will find new interests that you can still be involved in, whether it is by volunteering, or simply talking to them about their new hobby.
They will always need you
If you are still feeling a little bit sad, remember that no matter how independent or grown up your child becomes, there will always be times when they need you. No matter what their age is.