Why youre nesting like crazy right now and our ultimate nesting checklist for mamas who cant stop!

The nesting instinct is a primal urge that is as powerful for us humans, as it is for our furry friends.

So why do we get this nesting instinct when we are pregnant? What drives us to do crazy things like scrub our bathroom grouting with a toothbrush the night before we're due? The urge goes back thousands of years, meaning for centuries, mothers have organised, fussed and cleaned their homes or ‘nests’ to prepare for baby.

We want to create a safe environment that allows us optimal bonding time and care for our impending arrival. So if you’re frustrated with yourself for running around like a madwoman in the weeks coming up to your due date – give yourself a break. It’s totally normal.

If you’re not sure where to start but are feeling the urge, we have the ultimate checklist for nesting mamas to organise your space and calm those nesting urges!

Pregnant Woman Standing Near White Brown Bassinet

Set up your furniture

Stock the changing station

Set up your baby monitors, breast pumps gadgets etc


Organise yours and baby’s clothes by season

Run baby’s clothes through the laundry

Pack your hospital bag

Prep a diaper bag

Set up a breastfeeding cosy nook

Create a baby car kit

Paint and decorate the nursery

Brown Wooden Crib Near Window

Plan a milk storage system

Install your car seat with a professional

Clean out the trunk

Prep the baby bath

Change your bedsheets

Make room for play areas and bouncers etc

Bleach the bathroom

Make room in the kitchen cupboards for baby things

Do some freezer meal prep

Clean out the fridge

Fridge with different vegetable in modern kitchen

Put covers on outlets

Scrub the stove and microwave

Sanitise the counters

Tie up cords out of the way

Clear out phone photo albums to make room

Charge cameras

Dust the entire house

Baby proof now – you’ll be too busy later!

Check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Work with siblings and pets on introducing baby

Baby Sleeping Beside Girl on Gray Floral Textile

Buy drawer locks

Find a sitter for delivery day

Register at the hospital

Make a labour playlist

Narrow down your baby name list

Shop for all your food essentials

Sanitise all of baby’s gear and furniture

Purchase all the postpartum supplies you need

Plan a final date night for you and your partner

Photography of Couple Holding Hands