Developing a sense of style for your tween can be difficult, especially with the many trends that are now influencing our children. Here are some great tips that can help your tween to develop their own sense of style, whilst staying true to themselves at the same time:
Majority of tweens will find many ways to express their own individuality and often start by developing their own sense of style. Instead of fighting them on this transition, take your tween shopping and help them pick out outfits that they would like to wear.
While you don’t want to lecture your son and daughter on their clothing choices, there are some outfits that are simply not appropriate to wear in public. As much as you want to allow your child to wear the latest trends, you may have to put the foot down when it comes to some of their clothes and compromise on certain items. Such as if your daughter insists on wearing short shorts, advise them to wear stylish leggings or tights as well as wearing their short shorts.
Comfort over style
Your tween is constantly surrounded by peer pressure, especially when it comes to developing their own sense of style. They may feel pressured to wear clothes that might not suit them and most importantly that they might not feel comfortable in. Encourage your tween to always choose comfort over style, they may be wearing the chicest outfit around, but there’s no point in them wearing it if they don’t feel comfortable or confident in it.
Individuality over trends
Your tween’s own sense of style should most importantly help them feel more confident about themselves and not the other way round. So, if your tween prefers to express their own individuality through their own sense of style rather than sticking to what’s most popular, make sure you encourage that and not make them feel insecure for their own choices instead.
But remember, your tween will go through many phases, including their own sense of style. So, what could be their favourite outfit now, will probably change in the next few months. So, prepare yourself for many shopping trips.