10 baby gifts fit for royalty

Swarovski encrusted baby bath
This luxury baby bath comes in a variety of different colours and once the royal tot has outgrown it, it can be used as an ice bucket. $3800 from TheDiamondBathTub.com
Beatrix Potter tea set
The royal baby will need to get used to fine dining from an early age, £195 from Dragons of Walton Street
Luxury moses basket
A must have item for every prince or princess! This gorgeous moses basket is £2995 from Dragons of Walton Street
Fendi bottle and holder
This ultra stylish Fendi bottle and holder is perfect for the style conscious baby.£119, Harrods
Dior Emile rabbit soft toy
This gorgeous Dior bear is £140 from Childrensalon.com
Theo Fennell sudocrem bracelet
Help the duchess to stay glamourous while changing nappies with this 18ct white gold charm bracelet that comes complete with a nappy rash holder, £10,000 from Theo Fennell
Bulgari eau-de-toilette
To help the royal baby smell his/her best, this Bulgari baby Eau de toilette has notes of chamomile and talc, €47.80 from Neiman Marcus
Diamond pacifier
This diamond pacifier features over 278 diamonds set in a white gold base, a steal at only $17,000 from coolpacifiers.com
Theophile & Patachou
An exquisite gift for any newborn baby, Théophile & Patachou’s white gold bracelet features a detailed bear charm. £349, Harrods
Hermes baby socks
Cashmere socks by Hermes with a rocking horse emblem, $230 from Hermes
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