It is important you eat healthily and stay fit throughout pregnancy, but not for the sake of your post-baby body. Labour is a huge ordeal and one that requires stamina, something that you won't get from sitting on the couch all day. 


However, you can't simply jump up now and start working out, especially if the last time you did any form of exercise ws running for the bus. 


If you are planning on doing some gentle exercises, make sure you keep the following  five things in mind. 


1. Avoid doing anything that requires you lying on your back

Once you reach the second trimester or around 20 weeks, it is important you don't undertake any form of exercise that involves you lying on your back. This is because your uterus can put pressure on the vein that carries blood flow to your brain and Baby, making you feel dizzy or lightheaded. 


2. Don’t allow yourself to become short of breath

You should always be able to speak and breathe when exercising; never push yourself to the point of utter breathlessness, especially during pregnancy. 



3. Stay hydrated

Make sure you drink plenty of water and keep your fluid intake up while you are working out. You will lose a lot of body water while exercising whether you sweat or not so make sure you drink plenty before you work out. water can help to reduce your recovery time and levels of fatigue – important when working out.


4. Don’t take up a new strenuous activity (unless your doctor agrees)

It is important you don’t pick up a new exercise regime while pregnant as your body won’t be able used to it. It is perfectly acceptable to continue doing what you have always done, as long as you have the agreement of your doctor. 


5. Remember to warm up and cool down

Most of us know the importance of warming up and cooling down both before and after working out, but it is especially important when you are pregnant. Your heart rate is already higher, and it is important you ease your body into the workout and ease yourself out. Stretching will also help you avoid injury or feel cramped and sore the next day. 



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