For a number of mums, the weekend is simply two days where they catch up on any housework that they missed during the week. But it’s time to stop that and see it as time to spend with family, catch up with friends or learn something.
So, this Saturday and Sunday, instead of planning a day of washing, cooking and cleaning, do these eight things instead:
Go for a walk
Wrap the kids up warm and head up the mountains. There is nothing like fresh air to blow away the cobwebs.
Go to the beach
While it might be too chilly to go for a swim, there are still plenty of things you can do - fly a kite, look for shells or build sandcastles. The best thing is the beach will be empty apart from a few dog walkers and runners.
Go to the cinema
There a number of pretty good films on at the moment, so why not take the kids. Stock up on popcorn and treats and embrace the two hours of quiet time – apart from the noise of the film of course.
Go for a bike ride
Get the whole family together and go for a bike ride. Pack a picnic and bring extended family members and friends along – make a whole day out it. And sure if the weather gets too bad you can always pop into the pub for some grub.
Don’t sleep in
While not many mums have this luxury, for those who do it’s time to get up early. Otherwise you will wake up in a sweat knowing that you have lots to do and not really getting anything done. An extra 30 minutes or an hour is enough to make you feel like you had a sneaky lie in.
Bake some cakes
If the weather is not too good, why not do some baking with the kids. Not only will you have a lot of fun, you will also have a few cakes and buns to share.
Build a fort
Nothing shouts fun like a fort building contest. Yes, you will end up with a fairly messy house after, but go with it. Once built you can enjoy your cakes or even watch a movie on a portable DVD player if you have one in the fort.  
Do some crafts
Go to the art shop, stock up on supplies and spend the afternoon painting, drawing and making things. Make use of any materials that you might already have like plastic bottles, toilet roll holders and newspaper and let your imagination run wild.