Finding out your are pregnant with twins can be a bit of a shock. Whether they are identical or fraternal, they mean double the work and, yes, double the money.


However, do remember, giving birth to twins is a truly special thing that not every mum gets to experience. 


Yes, they are double the trouble, but the following eight things will make you understand just how special they truly are (and how all the work that you put into them is well and truly worth it.)


1. There is a twin gene

While there is a special gene linked to women having fraternal twins (twins produced from two separate eggs) there is no known gene linked to having identical twins – from one egg.


2. There is such a thing as twin talk

According to research, almost half of twins invent their own language that only they understand. Known as idioglossia, this type of private language is shared between just the two of them.



3. The unbreakable bond starts in the womb

They are connecting and gently touching each other from about 14 weeks - long before they enter the world.


4. Identical twins can actually be the mirror image of each other

For instance, if one twin is born with a mark on their left arm, their sibling may be born with the same mark on their right arm!


5. They can help Mum to live longer

According to studies, women who give birth to twins are more likely to live longer.



6. Identical twins don’t have identical fingerprints

So they are not exactly the same as each other.


7. Twins are more likely to be left-handed

Compared to single babies, that is.


8. The average birth weight of each twin is about 5lbs

So they are teeny, tiny when born.



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