While we may have our ups and downs with our significant others, it seems that marriage might actually good for our health! Don’t believe us? Well, a group of researchers have come up with some pretty solid evidence.


A team of researchers from Aston Medical School, in the UK, have presented a study linking marriage with an increase in survival rates for people at risk of serious heart issues.


The discovery was the subject of a 14-year-long ACALM study, carried out across almost one million people. Each of these people was at risk of a heart issue.


The team studied deaths of all causes from their test subjects, and made a fascinating discovery: men and women in their fifties, sixties and seventies with high cholesterol were 16 per cent more likely to be alive at the end of the study – if they were married. This was in comparison to their single counterparts.


The results were similarly encouraging for those at risk of diabetes, and with high blood pressure.


While the results were not as clear-cut for people co-habiting, separated, divorced or widowed; the researchers believe the difference in survival rates comes down to one simple but important factor: support.



Presenting the results to the British Cardiovascular Society, the study authors suggested that having a supportive husband or wife on hand to encourage healthy living habits had positive results.


Dr Paul Carter stressed that his team wasn’t telling people to get married, but clarified: “It appears there’s something about being married that is protective, not only in patients with heart disease but also those with heart disease risk factors.


“We need to replicate the positive effects of marriage and use friends, family and social support networks in the same way.”


Dr Mike Knapton, of the British Heart Foundation, added: “The take-home message is that our social interactions, as well as medical risk factors such as high blood pressure, are important determinants of both our health and well-being.”


The team added that further study will be needed to get to the bottom of their research, and determine exactly what that magical, health-boosting ingredient is!


Well, mums, what are your thoughts – would you agree with the (rather lovely) findings in this study? Be sure to let us know in the comment section!