Your baby shower is an exciting day, and although you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, you will need to serve food and drinks to your guests! If you’re not hiring a caterer, here are a few ideas that you could use for easy, tasty food to serve your guests:
Finger foods - sandwiches, cocktail sausages, mini pizzas and other canapés are always a good idea at a baby shower.
Fruit is another good choice – chop it up and chill it before the time. You could even serve it with a chocolate fountain or fondue if you like, or make your own dipping sauces with yogurt and other ingredients.
Crudités and a variety of dips are another good idea – simply cut up vegetables, and serve them with a variety of dips that you can make or buy.
Chips and dips
Mini quiches
Cakes and cupcakes, or cookies iced in your baby shower theme colours
Exotic dishes and morsels like mini samosas, chicken satay and other spicy treats are another great idea.
You could also serve sweet treats wrapped in paper napkins that are made to look like nappies!
What you serve at your baby shower depends on what you like, and what your budget allows for. These days everything from barbeques to high tea goes, so use your imagination and go wild! Do make sure that you cater for anyone with special dietary requirements like vegetarians. Have your guests mention their specific dietary requirements on the invitation RSVP.
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